5 Reasons Why You Need to Schedule a Facial Service

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You probably already know that getting a facial is a great way to pamper yourself on your lunch break, but did you know they can positively change your skin? When you schedule a facial appointment, you’re treating any problem areas you may be experiencing while relaxing.

1. Because an expert knows more than you

We say it because it’s true, a licensed esthetician is able to tell you why your skin is reacting to a certain moisturizer or cleanser better than the Internet or someone at a makeup counter. When our facialists examine your skin, their expertise and education allow them to determine what’s going on and suggest the treatment steps you need.

2. Because you probably want clear pores

While everyone’s skin is different and has its own benefits, there are a few things universally coveted by us all. For example, no one is a huge fan of excessive pimples or clogged pores. Like seeing your dentist for regular cleanings, quarterly facials minimize the size of your pores while cleaning out oil and dirt at a deeper level than your everyday face wash ever can.

3. Because you can prevent any future problems

A facial gives your skin and face a clean slate. And just like dental cleanings prevent cavities down the road regular facials significantly diminish pimples, blackheads and any other problem areas you might normally experience. See, facials help keep your skin balanced and you’ll notice fewer flare-ups.

4. Because you’ll receive customized skin care and treatment

Expertly-trained facialists can really examine your skin and understand why it may be reacting the way it does. The fact is that even if you know your specific skin type (oily, dry or combination), you’re still unique. This means you have your own strengths and weaknesses. Because of this, an esthetician combines a variety of products and techniques to address your skin as a whole, not just a type.

5. Because it’s a relaxing and peaceful experience

Facials are an amazing way to deep clean and hydrate your skin, but they also provide so much more. There’s a bigger reason why they surpass your daily facial cleanser and toner. They provide a calming experience similar to a massage, allowing you to relax and know you, and your skin, are being taken care of.

If you’re ready to reap all of the benefits of facial, call Simply Blissed today to schedule an appointment with a professional esthetician.

5 Best Tips Before Your First Massage

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Are you feeling nervous before your first massage? Our experienced and licensed massage therapists here in Salem, OR have come together to bring you Simply Blissed’s five best tips to help you feel prepared to relax.

1. Don’t eat a feast right before your appointment

Even if you’ve scheduled an after-lunch massage, you want to give your body a couple of hours to properly digest everything. Just like you wouldn’t want to run a marathon or go swimming with a belly full of food, getting a massage on a full stomach will make you feel extremely uncomfortable.

2. Stay comfortable

The whole point of receiving a massage is to feel more relaxed, whether that means physically, mentally or emotionally. So, the last thing you want to do is start your session feeling awkward or worried. Make sure to arrive on time, or even a little early, to give yourself a buffer to start relaxing.

Additionally, you want to wear clothes you feel comfortable in before, during and after your massage. Of course, the professionally-trained massage therapists at Simply Blissed here in Salem, OR use the appropriate sheets and towels to maintain your privacy during a session, but some guests still don’t feel at ease in the robe. So, if you’re a little wary about it as well, just make sure you’re not wearing jeans.

3. Don’t arrive intoxicated

This might go without saying, but it’s always better to be on the safe side: never show up to a spa under the influence. Your session is tailor-made for bettering your health and the alcohol or other substances in your system directly work against that. You simply won’t get all the benefits from the massage.

4. Be clean

Trust us when we say we’ve seen it all. Most insecurities clients have the beginning are minor things we see every day. With that said, it’s a nice courtesy to avoid running a marathon right before your massage. Be sure to shower the same day you come in so your mind has one less thing to worry about.

5. Have an open mind

A massage is supposed to be an enjoyable, stress-free experience. Your licensed massage therapist will do everything they can to help you feel at ease but it’s equally important you start the session with a clear, welcoming mind.

Your first massage session should be a relaxing experience that leaves you feeling better and healthier. Schedule your first massage with Simply Blissed today!

The Unexpected Benefits of Getting a Massage

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The Body Effects

Regular massages can have amazing effects on your muscles, circulation and respiratory system. In fact, massage therapy is often referred by chiropractors and primary care physicians as an appropriate treatment course for many ailments.

  • It won’t shock you to hear that a massage can help your muscles relax, but it also treats chronic pain phenomenally. Depending on the severity and placement of the pain, massage therapists will develop a custom plan of action to address the pain points. Proper treatment requires multiple appointments, usually every 4-8 weeks.
  • When a licensed massage therapist loosens muscles around your ribcage and throat, you’ll be able to breathe better instantly. Sore muscles often constrict our lungs’ and diaphragm’s ability to function at their best.
  • Techniques used by a licensed massage therapist also help move blood and lymph through any areas where they may be “stuck.” After a massage, you’ll notice a major improvement in circulation and joint mobility.

The Mind Effects

So, after a few massage appointments you’ll notice your body moving and feeling a lot better, but be sure to take note of how your mind is feeling as well. While your brain may not be receiving direct contact, there are many mental benefits from a massage.

  • When you get a massage, your body releases endorphins. These are the happy chemicals often related to a “runner’s high.” You’ll notice an extra bounce in your step and more energy to tackle the rest of the day.
  • A good massage should help you relax, physically and mentally. While your muscles are being put at ease, your brain is decreasing cortisol levels and increasing serotonin. You’ll feel less stress and happier. These chemicals also are linked to boosting your immune system!
  • If you can’t seem to get enough sleep on a regular basis, consider the rise in dopamine levels you’ll get from a massage. This leads to good, steady sleep habits so you can have better nights.

The Life Effects

The holistic approach our massage therapists use toward each client takes their personal life into consideration. Knowing a client is experiencing a lot of stress at work or a particular lower back pain when they drive is crucial for us to give the best massage possible. Therefore, emotional relaxation is the third key benefit of getting a massage. Numerous studies have shown that taking the time to indulge in self-care activities, such as getting a massage, can increase self-esteem. Showing yourself that you deserve to feel relaxed and pain-free creates a better sense of worth from within.

If you’re ready to start your mind, body and spirit relaxation, be sure to schedule your next massage session with Simply Blissed.

Dads and Grads…our living examples

Jennie Pino, professional growth and development coach at Simply Blissed shares her thoughts about Dads and Grads.

 As summer quickly approaches, we invite you to take the opportunity to appreciate and recognize the dads and grads in your life. You wouldn’t think the two would have much in common, but they do. Each have modeled qualities that have made a positive impact on the lives of others whether recognized or not. What have you learned from him that has helped you grow and develop as a person? Join us as we reflect on dads and grads.

Self-improvement has become a thriving business. Think about it, how many self-help resources do you come across while browsing the bookstore, surfing the web and on social media? We could begin to think that without applying the newest self-help answers our personal development might be stunted. At the top of the bestsellers list right now is a book on organizing one’s own life. Many of us are quick to buy in especially when endorsed by our favorite celebrity. What’s good to remember is there are valuable keys to the growth and personal betterment we desire in the role models around us!

Dads and grads among us can be our living examples of positive influence, personal growth and self-sacrifice.Dads can live and breathe positive influence but do so with very little fanfare. Just watch the dad on the playground pushing his toddler on a swing, “One more underdog!” his child whoops. Dad’s been doing underdogs all afternoon and he might prefer to be watching the game at home or be tinkering in his workshop, but he has chosen to play with his child on the playground. Consider the dad that walks his daughter home from school, toting her Hello Kitty backpack and art projects. He may feel like he is not portraying a manly enough image by society’s standards, however, who he is in the eyes of his daughter is all that matters to him.

Students graduating this June have developed a capacity of character that comes from self-sacrifice, much like what we see in fathers around us. They have been brave enough to put their beliefs and values to the test, risking judgment and criticism, for the sake of expanded awareness and curiosity. Graduates set an example for us by pushing new ideas out into the world—a world which often does not roll out the red carpet to perspectives that question the way that things have always been done. When they walk across the stage on graduation day, they aren’t just handed a diploma. They are proud owners of a personal transformative experience.

What Dad and Grads model for us is strength in spirit. This strength cannot be cultivated overnight. Being a father is a wholehearted and time-intensive commitment to the wellbeing of his child and pays in dividends of connection, purpose and love. Being a graduate means a student committed the time, focus and money necessary to cultivate a mind that can learn and analyze, ultimately preparing the individual for a meaningful place to contribute their talents to the world.

These living examples get dirt under their nails as they dig in the garden for bugs, turning over every large rock for the sake of their child’s discovery. They sacrifice their social connections while pulling “all-nighters” prior to exams. Overall, they show us how to work hard and commit to the process. All around us there are dads and grads who deserve to be celebrated! Now’s is a great time to say, “Thanks Dad” or “well done, Grad.” Let us help you show them how appreciated they are. Their bliss awaits.

Wax-on, wax-off…the season is upon us!

Summer is right around the corner, and if you’re as eager as we are for some warmth and sunshine you just might feel ready to bare some beautiful skin! As you excitedly prepare for spaghetti straps, swim suits and shorts do you also think about razors and shaving cream? Perhaps you are considering waxing as an alternative to your old hair removal method. If so, great! We are here to help.

Having your body hair pulled out with wax may sound unpleasant. However, at Simply Blissed you’ll be amazed at how relaxing your waxing experience can be. We use the highest quality hard and soft wax while you are made to feel completely relaxed on the table with a comfortable ambient temperature, music, and aromatherapy ~ just ease back and rest. All our wax services end with an application of our Eminence Apricot Oil and a high frequency wand treatment which helps eliminate bacteria around the waxed area.

Our guests tell us over and over again how strange and delightful it is to come in to have their hair pulled out and leave feeling utterly pampered. Frankly, most of our guests can’t wait for their waxing appointments and are eager to rebook! What are you waiting for? Make your appointment today and you’ll see what all your friends have been raving about. See our waxing services here: http://www.simplyblissed.com/waxing.html


There are things you can and even should do to prepare your skin for the best possible wax experience to avoid disappointment. Here’s what to expect along with some recommendations for a successful waxing experience:

If you are new to Simply Blissed, you’ll be asked to complete a health history/intake form so that we can take the best possible care of you. There is time before the wax service begins to ask questions and have them answered. If the eyebrows are being waxed, the design is discussed. Your provider then gives instructions and describes what will happen in detail.

No hair left behind? It isn’t possible to remove EVERY hair with one waxing service until your hair growth cycles have synchronized. Because hair grows in three different stages, it takes roughly four waxing services approximately 4 – 6 weeks apart before the hair starts growing at the same rate. At your first waxing there will be hairs that were too short to be uprooted along with hairs residing just under the skin which will begin to emerge within days. We recommend waxing every four weeks instead of six if you are new to waxing in order to get your hairs into a rhythm faster.

Grow Your Hair! The hair you want to be waxed should be approximately ¼” to ½” long. This is the ideal length to give the wax something to grab ahold of. Unfortunately, if a guest shaves the day of their wax service, it will have to be rescheduled. Also, do not shave between wax services. If the hair growth reaches ¼” to ½” it’s time to come in for your next service. We strongly recommend scheduling your next wax service before leaving the spa so that your spot is reserved with your provider of choice.

Check your Calendar. We have had guests ask, “Why does my waxing service occasionally hurt more than other times?” This can be due to many different factors but the primary reason is likely your menstrual cycle. For some guests, scheduling a wax service right before their period can make for a much more sensitive experience.

Plan Ahead. If you have a big event coming up, a wedding, a dream vacation or anything such as that, we suggest that you schedule four wax appointments approximately four weeks apart prior to the event so that as many hairs as possible at each phase of growth can be waxed.

Exfoliate. We cannot stress this enough! It helps to prevent ingrown hairs, which are unsightly and can become painful. It also toughens up the skin making the wax experience less painful. We recommend exfoliating 24 hours prior to your wax appointment and 48 hours after. Some great methods for exfoliation are sugar scrubs, dry brushes or exfoliating gloves. Our favorite is Eminence Coconut Sugar Scrub.

Avoid caffeine and/or alcohol before your waxing service. Pores respond to caffeine and alcohol by constricting which will make hair removal more difficult and painful.

Use Cold packs if desired. After a wax treatment, the body wants to heal itself and will send white blood cells to the site which creates heat and possibly swelling. Ice in a cold compress naturally decreases the feeling of pain by closing up the small blood vessels thus reducing swelling immediately after any trauma to the body. Never put ice directly on the body as this can actually result in frostbite. The cold compress doesn’t need to be applied for very long, 20 minutes should do the trick.

Avoid Hot Water. Avoid hot baths, hot tubs, hot showers, saunas and steam rooms for at least 24 hours following a wax. The pores that have just been waxed are open and susceptible to bacterial infections. Hot water can also further irritate the skin.

Use Sunscreen. Your beautiful, baby soft skin is delicate and needs to be protected from UVA, B and C rays. Keep the freshly waxed area covered with clothing or use Broad Spectrum sun block.

Ingrown hairs occasionally happen and they can be annoying. Resist the temptation to “help them along” and pick at them. When you pick at an ingrown hair the healing process is delayed and scarring can result. 80% of infectious diseases are passed by human contact and mostly by our hands! (Dr. Phillip Tierno, director of clinical microbiology at New York University Hospital Center and the author of The Secret Life of Germs.)

How long will my waxing last? Every person is different and it’s important to keep in mind that waxing is not considered permanent hair removal. Waxing is more effective than shaving because it removes your hair further down the shaft so it takes longer for it to grow back and become noticeable. Consistent waxing weakens your hair follicles over time and new hair growth is often finer and thinner allowing more time between your waxing services.

Mother’s Day – a seasoned view

Sandy, owner of Simply Blissed shares her thoughts as she prepares to welcome a new grand-baby.

As women whether you are a mother or not, it’s probable that you nurture something; a loved one, a pet, a business, a passion. As little girls we are born nurturers. We take care of our dolls. We care for our pets. We rescue fallen critters in the yard. We take in hurt and broken friends. We love. Indeed, we seek to love, to nurture. It’s how we’re designed.

As a wife, mother, grandmother, friend and business owner I have a long list of people on which to bestow my devotion. It has been my highest honor to watch our two children as they’ve grown into the incredible young adults that they are today. Our son is married and they’ve given us three precious grandchildren. Our daughter and son-in-law are about to have their first child.

There’s something sacred about a mother watching her daughter become a mother. I’m mystified; Is this beautiful, graceful woman really my little girl, who was just yesterday playing teacher to her baby dolls, younger brother and a crowd of stuffed animals in her make-believe classroom? How is it that within what feels like mere moments she has transformed into the most amazing real-life elementary school teacher and will soon be bringing forth new life?

As she prepares to enter the magnificent world of motherhood with a son of her own I reflect on just how quickly time passes and what’s really important in life. As a grandmother it’s all about a new perspective. The only tiny hand prints that remain on the walls are the pink and blue ones captured when my children were 2 and 5 years old. They are preserved and framed under glass as a sentimental, albeit sappy, reminder that yes, time passes quickly. My new perspective has taught me that when new parents feel like the dirty diapers and sleepless nights will never end it really won’t be too long at all until infant cries transform into angelic voices that plead “just one more bedtime story, prayer or hug, and oh, please Mommy and Daddy, can’t I have just one more drink of water before I go to sleep?” Before they know it the scraped knees from learning to roller skate and the painful lego collisions with bare feet will be exchanged for choosing which instrument to play in band or orchestra or deciding which team sport they want to try. Swiftly, change happens again and they’ll be holding on for dear life as their precious offspring have traded in bicycle wheels for automobiles! Yes, it goes by quickly. So quickly! I cherish the by-gone years as the most delightful and richest season of life.

This Mother’s Day you’ll find me holding a beautiful new grandson. A boy called David (beloved) and, all humility aside, I believe the world will be much more beautiful because of his arrival. He will be loved, he will be kept safe and he will be well nurtured by a multitude of loving family and friends.

As I watch my children shower love on their own families I stand by ready to support, encourage, play, and perhaps, (only when asked), advise. I think being a grandparent is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I get to sit back, relax and enjoy witnessing the revelation my daughter and son-in-law will soon have as they experience firsthand the unfathomable depths of unconditional love parents have for their children. I’m over the moon as I anticipate witnessing the wonder of new life, the new discoveries that lie ahead, and once more seeing life thru the eyes of a new mother and a new child.

My daughter’s due date has come and gone. Now we wait and wonder when this little guy will choose to arrive. We all get to practice one of the first lessons of parenthood; no matter what we hope, expect or envision for our children they are individuals with their own plans, desires and unique life path to journey through. It’s our joyful gift to love, support and cheer them on and remember to let them be who they were created to be.
From my “seasoned” point of view, it’s clear to me that, regardless of the object of our devotion, our purpose is to love, to nurture and to grow in grace and gratitude.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Sandy Green, Owner of Simply Blissed

Your Feet Are in Good Hands

You can’t help yourself. The daffodils are blooming early and it’s the warmest spring on record since the 1940’s. You simply have to put on your sandals! Then you think to yourself as you look down, “Hmm, time for a pedicure!”

You have almost as many choices for where to have a pedicure as there are polish color choices! The key is choosing a place that is going to do a great pedi all while keeping your toes safe!

So, what’s the big deal when it comes to safety and pedicures? Isn’t it just painting your toe nails a pretty color? When you’re at home, sure, it might be as simple as removing old polish and applying a new color, but a professional pedicure is a whole other ball game.

A basic professional pedicure includes the following: taking care of the skin (smoothing out callouses and rough areas), grooming the cuticles and properly filing each nail, all while taking care that it’s done in a way so that ingrown nails, which are very painful, don’t form. A clean environment with sanitary tools is imperative at each step along the way.

Let’s talk for a moment about bubbles. Some salons offer plumbed and jetted tubs with bubbles for your feet, just like little Jacuzzi’s. They do look so relaxing. STOP! Before putting your precious toes into one of these, please consider the following warnings:

“These are a breeding ground for mycobacterium (which can produce boils), warts, MRSA, athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, HPV and swine flu virus. All of those issues thrive in a warm, wet environment.” says Dr. Dennis Shavelson, a New York city based podiatrist. Dr. Jackie Sutera, also a New York based podiatrist says, “Whatever you do at a pedicure salon, do not let the pedicurist turn on the bubbles in the foot baths. The jets in the whirlpool bath can harbor bacteria and fungus,” Sutera estimates that she sees about 10 to 12 patients a week that come in with fungal or viral infections, like warts and athlete’s foot, caused by buildup in whirlpool foot baths used during most pedicures.”

At Simply Blissed your health and safety is our highest priority, that’s why you won’t find any jetted tubs here. Our Nail Technicians are, of course, board certified and practice their trade with exceptional professionalism and dedication. All non-disposable implements are cleaned and sanitized according to the State Board Standards of Oregon, which are one of the highest in the nation.

Here, your bliss begins when you walk in the door. We invite your neck and shoulders to melt with a heated neck wrap while you enjoy a cup of hot tea or infused water. Your service begins as you ascend onto an elevated and luxurious leather sofa. Your feet are then lovingly placed in a beautiful and locally hand-crafted porcelain bowl filled with perfectly heated water, river rocks and essential oils. The sofa then reclines to a nearly horizontal position for your massage and polish application. Can you say, bliss?

So, go ahead, dust those sandals off. The sun is ready to shine on your freshly polished and cared for toes and you’re ready to play in the garden!  You know you’ve made an informed choice and guarded your health.

Your feet are in good hands at Simply Blissed…

Dianna Barham, Public Relations, Simply Blissed